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“I think the BIGGEST thing my youth have taken away from using Rumie is that they now have an easily accessible resource that they can use for learning all kinds of things! Specifically, I like to use Rumie to supplement my lessons whenever I want my group to have the option of diving further into topics I might not have time to fully cover.”

— Cassandra Rivera, Career Readiness Coach

What are Bytes?

Bytes are short and interactive learning experiences that make a key insight easy to learn and apply. In fact, their chunked structure is 22% more effective than traditional courses. Rumie is a library full of Bytes that have been peer reviewed and vetted, ready for you to use with a few clicks! Here are some examples:

Ready to level up your lessons?

  • Use our guides to integrate microlearning for your students
    Cut down on planning time by 40% and increase learning retention
  • Foster a blended learning approach
    Leverage Bytes for easy assignments and culminating tasks
  • An alternative to social media for lifelong learning
    Bytes are as engaging as social media with gifs and memes, but without the harm and privacy issues
  • Adapt your resources and lesson plans to engage students
    Bytes are easily accessed without any logins, or apps to install, and are data privacy compliant

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“I like everything about Rumie! Through Rumie’s byte library, I learnt about goal setting and time management skills. A major takeaway for me was the importance of writing down your goals/tasks in order to achieve them!”

— Kylee (age 15)
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