Ready to get your hands dirty? With Rumie technology and your passion, we can make meaningful change together.

Become a Rumie Learning Designer

Considering moving into the edtech field? Keen to build an elearning portfolio?

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Rumie Learning Designers apply and develop expertise in the learning space by creating Bytes (<10 min microlearning experiences) that are shared globally on Rumie-Learn.

We work together to blend the best of instructional design with the stickiness of social media.

As a Learning Designer, your core responsibilities include:

  • Planning, designing, and authoring Bytes.
  • Participating in the peer review process, offering constructive feedback to others, and applying suggestions to your own Bytes.
  • Piloting Byte styles and learning strategies.
  • Communicating proactively with your Squad Lead to troubleshoot issues.
  • Offering suggestions and feedback to the Rumie team.

You’re a fit if you:

  • Can commit ~3+ hours per week
  • Enjoy working with technology
  • Have stellar written English skills
  • Value a growth mindset

Plus there are some pretty cool perks...

  • Build and showcase a portfolio of Bytes on your Rumie-Learn Author page
  • Improve your learning design skills through support and thoughtful upskilling
  • Network and build connections with others in the Rumie community
  • Opportunities for career advancement

We asked our current volunteers (on a scale of 1 - 5) if they would recommend the experience to a friend. Their response: 4.9!

Sound like a match? Take the first step to apply.

Join the Rumie Community

Want to support the movement for more accessible learning, but keep things a bit more casual?

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The Rumie community shares one core passion: making learning more accessible.

We work together to further Rumie’s mission through:

  • Focus groups
  • Community events
  • Social media campaigns
  • Fundraising initiatives

Meet a Rumie Learning Designer

Meet Tyler

Meet a Rumie Learning Designer

Meet Kitzzy