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Rumie is an education technology non-profit that makes leaning as easy and as accessible as social media. Rumie’s microlearning technology, which allows learners to consume 5-7 minute mobile-first learning experiences (called “bytes”) helps youth and lifelong learners to build their job, career and life skills. Besides being over 20% more effective at learner retention than traditional learning models, microlearning is more engaging for youth and lower income communities - for whom a mobile phone is often their ‘computer’ of choice.

After its founding in 2013, Rumie began by bridging the digital divide in some of the world’s least served communities, including through a low-cost tablet that worked fully offline and brought the free digital learning revolution to communities in over 30 countries, ranging from refugee camps in the Middle East to girls’ education programs in Afghanistan. Today, Rumie’s solution work on any low-cost mobile device with no login or app required, and is growing fastest in North America - where the gap in access to learning for youth is growing and threatens to worsen already historic levels of inequality.

Rumie’s solution is driven by passionate volunteers around the world. In 2016, we had people at Arctic College contributing digitally to digital learning programs for refugees on the Turkey/Syria border. Today, a growing volunteer community, including corporate volunteers, helps drive our model forward by distilling the skills and insights they have into bytes that are delivered to learners in dedicated programs and are available to all on Rumie Learn.

Rumie is today being used in >100 countries, and is projected to reach over 20 million learners by 2023. Rumie is a winner of the Google Impact Challenge, is a graduate of Y-Combinator, and is subject of a Harvard Business School case study.