Yesha Thakkar

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Seeing me today, you would have never guessed that I was a dedicated First Lego League participant for 5 years of my life, but ran the other way as soon as I reached high-school when I realized it involved math!

Yesha is the HR coordinator at Rumie, and is responsible for creating a more tight-knit team and helping the team reach their professional goals with the company. She doesn’t like to think of herself as the typical “HR representative”, but someone that people feel comfortable approaching and talking to about anything (especially food).

Yesha is a soon-to-be graduate from the Ted Rogers School of Management majoring in HR and minoring in Professional Communication. She started off university not knowing what to do, but ended up falling in love with HR after taking her first Diversity and Inclusion course. She has had past experiences at companies exploring different pathways of HR, but is passionate about making workplaces more inclusive and welcoming for their employees.

Yesha strongly believes in Rumie’s mission, and believes that education should be (barrier) free and easily accessible to anyone wishing to learn!