Trishala Pillai

Director of Strategy

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When I was 2 years old, my parents took me to a museum in Cyprus. They were looking around at all the artefacts & a few minutes later looked down to see what I was upto…only to find my milk bottle deep inside an ancient mummy’s mouth. My parents were not impressed but I say sharing is caring!

Trishala is fuelled by work that enables her to create/promote shared prosperity, feed her curiosity, & contribute to organizational growth. She has 5 + years of experience in growing technology companies (SaaS, professional services & non-profits), through direct & channel sales, partnerships, business strategy & market analysis.

Over the years, she has gained deep knowledge & practical experience in working closely with celebrated big & emerging technology companies to help the world’s most influential organizations assess complex problems, identify the right use case(s) where AI can be helpful, make the business case & strategy to support AI, at scale.

Her exposure to & experiences in tech, combined with her experiences as a community-builder, led her to quickly realize the vast opportunities and challenges tied to technology, namely the critical, time-bound need to better align technology (and its’ many gains) with humanity (especially the needs of our most vulnerable populations) and the United Nation’s SDGs. She is now spending her time, as Rumie’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, working towards bridging this gap and improving human condition, alongside an award-winning team, focusing on quality education.

Outside of this, Trishala is a speaker/moderator of high-stake, public discussions on humane technology (& the impact human-AI collaboration will have on society/work), AI commercialization, enterprise technology strategy & the new kind of business that combines profit & purpose. She has contributed to 40+ leading forums across North America. She sits on the Advisory Council of the University of Waterloo’s social impact discovery lab & the B Labs certified Benefit Corporation movement for East Central Canada.