Steven Jacob

Software Architect

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Cliff diving in British Columbia, there was a cliff with a little natural waterslide, losing my body's orientation after the slide, I ended up belly flopping at 40ft. No internal bleeding, but now I know what being kicked in the chest by an MMA fighter feels like.

Steven Jacob is a Software Architect at Rumie. He studied engineering at the University of Waterloo and has worked at several startups across the lifecycle spectrum since then. He has more than 7 years of experience and some of the things he's been involved with are: YCombinator with a Wearables IoT startup, creating a control systems patent for a Robotics startup, scaling an ECommerce SaSS from a hundred to more than five thousand customers.

Steven is passionate about creating solutions using whatever is the latest wizardry in the industry and wants to build and scale Rumie's systems and data into meaningful results.