Noha Kareem

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Education is an ongoing thread in my life; I learn for fun! Needless to say I was overjoyed when I came across Rumie and learned about its mission to spread education, freely accessible for everyone!

Noha is a software developer at Rumie. She brings to Rumie her pursuit to develop solutions with clarity and functional beauty, as well as a background in computer science, web development and data visualization.

She recently graduated from Fanshawe College’s Interactive Media Development - 3D Visualization program (London, ON) and has experience in the field of education as a Computer Science teaching assistant. She enjoys blending her interests with creative technological solutions; such as exploring in her undergraduate thesis ways to assist visually impaired individuals with outfit coordination, using Android development and computer vision. She also built a web app as her college capstone to help people track and visualize their time for nuanced insights.

Noha believes that education has unlimited potential for good, and works to help Rumie deliver a rewarding learning experience to learners across the globe.