Maksym Portianoi

Full-Stack Developer

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After having a great time at a three-day rock fest where my friends and I lived in a camp, I came back to a job I hated. I realized that doing something I’m not passionate about is a mistake, so I quit the same day.

Maksym is a Full-Stack Developer at Rumie. He brings to Rumie the knowledge he gained completing his Computer Science and Interactive Media Design degrees. He describes his passion as a place where beautiful design and interactive animations meet clean code.

Maksym comes most recently from Northern Commerce (London, ON), where he was a Web Developer Intern. Prior to Northern Commerce, Maksym was part of the REACTR (Rethinking Education Through Applied Collaborative Technology Research) program at Fanshawe College (London, ON), where he worked as a Back-End Developer on delivering a web-based solution for managing internal resources and staff of the REACTR department.

Maksym believes that the key to changing the world is inspiration. When we are inspired to do something bigger than ourselves, we also inspire others. This is how great things happen, so let’s keep the chain going!