Kassie Dwarika

Director of Content Programs

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After being lost in Sequoia National Park for half a day, with no cell reception, I left a series of increasingly panicked videos and eventually a will.... many hours later I found a ranger station. Totally worth it to see some of the coolest trees on Earth.

Kassie is the Director of Content Programs at Rumie, developing inclusive eLearning programs for multiple languages, regions and cultures. She has a decade of experience designing curriculum content at Upper Canada College, Ryerson University, and as an education consultant. Her approach is multidisciplinary, combining professional experience in advertising, entertainment, operations, and project management.

Kassie believes that the ability to explain ideas in multiple ways is key to ensuring students gain the fundamentals skills necessary to become experts. With Rumie she hopes to help build a love of learning, a passion for advocacy, and to encourage learners to recognize and overcome obstacles in their path.