Kamelia Valkova

Community Manager

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While on a trip to San Francisco I visited Muir Woods and saw the most magnificent redwood trees. Unfortunately, the lack of cell reception at the trailhead (combined with the fact that we’d taken an Uber to get there) meant hitchhiking in the dark to get back to our friend’s house!

As Rumie's Community Manager, Kamelia is building a supportive online community for Rumie learners on Discord. She holds a Master of Education degree from Queen’s University, and a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree (Psychology and Ecology) from the University of Guelph.

Kami has always loved to learn and believes there is no wasted learning: even seemingly random knowledge or skills just may one day come in handy. Daydreaming on her lunch break while working in an ecology lab one summer she realized her true passion for education. From volunteering with Let’s Talk Science to working as naturalist teacher, she discovered that education is the connecting thread that weaves through all of her experiences.

At Rumie, Kamelia’s enthusiasm and energy inspires excitement for learning in others and meets learners where they need to be met. In her spare time, you can find her exploring nature and posting about her adventures on Instagram!