Jennifer Ly

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During a summer vacation in Jamaica, I was surprised with an excursion. That day I found out I was going to be climbing up a 600-foot waterfall and then jumping off a 35-foot cliff. That was pretty scary for a teenager, but knowing that I had to start grade 11 advanced functions the next week was even scarier.

Jenn is the Marketing and Public Relations Associate here at Rumie. She handles all press inquires and speaking engagement bookings for Tariq Fancy!

Jenn is a recent graduate from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University where she received a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. She majored in Marketing and triple minored in Professional Communications, Public Relations, and Hospitality & Tourism.

Jenn comes from an event planning background where she would organize and execute conferences, socials and charity events. She’s passionate about youth empowerment and creating social impact through experiences and innovation.