Bogdan Arsenie

Chief Technology Officer

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“A few days after celebrating my birthday I decided to go on a journey to discover the world, and specifically eat my way around it. After 11 months, travelling on 90+ flights and through 43 countries; while also enduring 4 cases of food poisoning, I decided to come home.”

Bogdan is the Chief Technology Officer of Rumie.

Bogdan started programming at at the age of 13, customizing bulletin board software as a part time gig to purchase Star Trek memorabilia. He now has over a decade and a half of executive experience serving as the Chief of Technology in an array of diverse & innovative tech companies. These companies have created industry leading products that range from digital advertising, big data, to mobile gaming and social engagement.

Bogdan comes to Rumie most recently from Guest Networks Inc. (Toronto, Canada), where he led a multinational team in delivering a cloud based guest WiFi solution, connected to on-premise deployments in over 26 countries. Prior to Guest Networks, Bogdan served as the CEO of Unite Inc. (Los Angeles, USA) an advertising data platform for the entertainment industry. He also founded and was president of SMLSD (Toronto, Canada), a development house for MMORPG mobile games. He served as Founding CTO for Performline Inc. (NY, USA), an OnMedia Top 100 winner, was the founding CTO for Wikidomo (Toronto, Canada), as the Chief Technical Officer for Syncapse Corp (Toronto, Canada), one the fastest growing technology companies in Canada. Also as CTO of Epic Advertising (Toronto, Canada), a leading multinational performance marketing affiliate network.

He’s passionate about advancing technology to create opportunities for individuals to self-educate and self-organize, regardless of background or economic situation.