Awards and Accolades

It's an honour to be recognized.

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Google Impact Challenge:
Only 40% of students on Indigenous reserves graduate high school, compared to 90% of students in the rest of Canada
HBS Case Study:
Bringing digital education to the underserved
“Best Social Startup” For providing high-quality educational materials through low-cost technology
Rumie wins MIT Solve Award for its solution that helps address how disadvantaged youth can learn the skills they need to prepare them for the workforce of the future
Rumie wins the 2016 Literacy Award for their outstanding and measurable contribution to increasing literacy levels around the world
Rumie’s long-term vision is to be … a ‘movement’ of people around the world working from their homes to support the cause of affordable access to education
Providing kids in the developing world the chance to learn
A Good Call: NYC Pop-Up Upcycles Old Smartphones To Address Global Women’s Education Crisis
No cost open source resources for K12
The Ebola death toll in Liberia is approaching 3000. But this grossly understates the damage unleashed on the 99 percent of Liberians who do not have Ebola
With 1.4 million school-aged children currently without access to education, Rumie helped kids continue their schooling in Liberia
“An amazing story” supporting children to learn in Liberia
Providing kids in the developing world without access to school the chance to learn
A non-profit organization on a mission to bring free digital educational content to the world’s underprivileged children
Tech startup aims to educate Liberians impacted by Ebola
Since war broke out in [Syria] in 2011, 2.1 million [refugee children] have fled and an equivalent number remain out of school
Toronto’s Rumie empowering Syrian children In refugee camps with #Learnsyria initiative