Empower your team to change the world

Create microlearning to maximize your impact.

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Our corporate partnerships in brief:

  • Employee volunteers collaborate in virtual workshops to create social impact in ways previously impossible
  • Skills-based volunteering creates meaningful and memorable experiences
  • Inclusive of all employees, regardless of geography and timezone
  • One company-wide volunteer initiative bolstered by gamified elements including a volunteer leaderboard

Benefit from a volunteer experience that maximizes engagement and impact

“This was a great experience and I would love to help out in creating more Bytes. Thank you for this opportunity.”

— Jennifer Goodwin, Manulife

“This is a beautiful initiative. I was very motivated to do something for those who don’t have access to the same resources that I have, and I will continue volunteering with Rumie whenever possible.”

— Rumie Workshop Participant

Individual supporters

Are you inspired by the mission to bring 21st-century learning opportunities to those who would otherwise be left behind? Let's talk.

Community partners

Would your organization benefit from a volunteer experience that maximizes engagement and impact? Let’s talk.