Transforming CSR through digital volunteering

Who says driving social impact can’t be fun?

Demo of corporate workshops on Rumie Build

Rumie corporate volunteer programs:

  • Empower your colleagues to share their insights into Bytes, as a fun team activity
  • Are conducted virtually through our proprietary volunteering platform
  • Equip you with data on your team’s engagement and the impact of your contribution
  • Fuel a connection between your organization,
    your colleagues, and social purpose
We have flexible programs based on your corporate social responsibility goals, team size, budget, and schedule. What are you waiting for? Transform your volunteering for the digital age.

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More than 90% of our corporate volunteers said they would tell a friend about the social impact work their company is doing.
*according to exit surveys following Rumie volunteer workshops

“This was a great experience and I would love to help out in creating more Bytes. Thank you for this opportunity.”

— Jennifer Goodwin, Manulife

“The Rumie experience made me realize that micro-learning is a dynamic way to engage an audience, that is accessible to all – both from a user and from a creator standpoint. It’s easy to think that helping involves long-term commitments to large projects, but Rumie proves quite the opposite: every little bit helps”

— Lois Duhourcau, Director Global Credit, Carlyle

Excellent opportunity to contribute. Rumie team is AWESOME! Loved the platform.

— Stephanie Lachine, Supervisor Learning and Development, Greenshield

I LOVED this workshop - being 100% remote, it was run super smoothly. Mariam and Bogdan were engaging, authentic (relevant to the byte we created ha!) and supportive throughout the entire workshop. The Tool itself was so easy to understand and use. From a UX perspective, the added elements of character limits and limited buttons / options made for a great experience overall. So glad to have been introduced to Rumie and will be following your company moving forward :)

— Marissa Lacrasto, LoyaltyOne

I had a wonderful experience volunteering for the Rumie Initiative. Our team worked together to create a Byte using their e-learning online platform. Our efforts were hands-on, and thus very rewarding. The entire process was very organized and well facilitated. I will definitely sign up to assist with future projects hosted by Rumie.

— Sumaiya Najarali, Associate Tax, Ernst and Young