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Opportunity gap
1 in 10 People
Cost of Education
causes 7 in 10 dropouts
Rumie Is a
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Rumie-Learn is a free digital microlearning library that delivers Byte sized insights in minutes, to build transferable life and career skills.

Bytes are the building blocks for job seekers

Where learning meets engagement

In each Byte - a 5-10 min microlearning experience - learners build transferable skills with immediate application, transforming wasted time into meaningful scrolling.

Our content focuses on soft and human skills that can't be replicated by machines. Skills like goal setting, leadership and communication.

How it works

We aren't doing it alone. Here's where you fit in


Byte Building

Community and corporate partners use Rumie-Build to transform their insights into Bytes.



We partner with organizations, like transit commissions, telecoms, digital university initiatives, that share our mission to empower communities to learn anywhere. Together, we meet learners where they already are.


Data Insights

By analyzing anonymized user behaviour and feedback, we improve the Rumie-Learn platform and the design of Bytes, to create the most engaged, effective and accessible learning.