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Engaging like social media
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Lifelong learning

Bytes are the building blocks for job seekers

What makes us different?

From massive open online courses? Rumie helps you build skills 6 minutes at a time - not 6 hours, or 6 months. Plus we’ll never try to sell you anything.

From other charities? We operate like a tech company: we build rapidly, iterate using data, and are willing to take risks to make a big impact.

From social media? We use engagement mechanics (the thing that keeps you scrolling) to help you learn, not sell your data for profit.

Our impact model

We aren't doing it alone. Here's where you fit in



Volunteer learning designers and corporate professionals create our courses (called Bytes) through virtual programs. Bytes help you translate real world insights into skills you can apply today. Have feedback on a Byte or a suggestion for a new topic? Tell us in Discord.



We partner with community organizations and telecommunications companies to meet learners where they already are. Want to partner with Rumie to help your community? Learn more here



We fill the gap between what you learned at school and what it takes to succeed by building the habit of lifelong learning.